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Most call me Noi although it's not my Thai name! Many years ago when I was a tour guide I was saddened to see what cruelty was done to the majestic Thai elephant, so I decided that someday I will have my own elephants, my style! I got a bank loan to rent 2 elephants to begin my business… That was a long time ago! Today we are proud owners of 12 happy elephants we are still growing. Guests who visit us are amazed by the way we treat our elephants. We employ some of the best mahouts in the industry who all deeply care about the elephants.

Panda Elephant Camp Is a happy place to spend your holiday, be it riding elephants, our mahout training program or even by adopting an elephant. My dream has come true as seen in the happy faces of our staff, animals and most importantly our guests. Our guest book says most, if not all want to return again. Today my son proudly holds the mahouts stick, maybe like me he too will follow his father!

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