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Our elephants have good health, without chain and hook. They are freedom and happiness. We do not use elephants to work or perform. And we enforce a strict NO Riding policy. What you'll do Day 1 You will get pick up by 9.00-9.30

Walking through the beautiful jungle to enjoy nature amazing views, relax and swimming at waterfalls and visit different hill tribe villages in their own culture and Lifestyles spend the night at private jungle camp. This trip is for people who

This trip is for people who looking for a more authentic trek and adventure. 100% guaranteed we will be only one company while we walk and overnight and along the way. Remark: Each activity the time is not approximate. What you'll do Day

Pai was once a quiet village inhabited by Shan people whose culture is influenced by Myanmar. Now a day, Pai primarily thrives on tourism What you'll do Memorial Bridge aka Saphan Prawatsart Visit Love Pai Love strawberry Have lunch at Santichon

This one day tour takes you all the way up North to the border between Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar as people known as the Golden triangle. Also, visit the white temple or Wat Rong Khun on the way. What you'll do After

The tropical forest south of the city, for a nice view and pray your expects at the shrine of King Inthawichayanon, enjoy a short hike along the trail, see the twin stupas, the Royal project, Karen tribal village and stunning

Visit the secret temple of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep on a morning or afternoon tour. Climb up the mountainside for a panoramic view from the temple. And then visit Hmong tribal village called Baan Doi Pui. What you'll do Drive to

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